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Admin features of delivery management system

Admin can manage end to end delivery operation. Also, can keep track of driver and enhance customer satisfaction.

delivery management system
  • Manage all at one place

    Manage all your delivery orders at one place. You can customize your admin panel according to your business. Now no more sheets or call records to maintain in separate place, Consolidate at one.

  • Get notified with every new order

    With instant notification feature, you get updated on every customer's new order. Now all the updates are at your fingertips. Providing a better performance with quick delivery on time.

  • Manage user and enable access

    Admin has complete control over multiple users. Admin can enable or disable certain features to certain users from the back-end. Thereby with the single account can manage multiple branches too.

  • Assign manually / Automated

    Once the order is received in admin backend panel, it can be assigned manually or automatically to the available drivers. Our delivery software lets you streamline your dispatch operations in any way.

  • Generate statistical report

    Our dispatch software lets you take your business to the next level. You can easily generate a report on any basis like weekly or monthly or even based on each driver to monitor the performance.

  • Find the best performing driver

    Admin can accurately track driver's location in real time. Also, the best performing driver can be traced out based on the performance. All these features let you enhance the delivery operations.

Delivery app features

Delivery staff can manage their orders through the mobile app and update their arrival status to customer.

delivery management software
  • Manage dashboard

    Delivery staff manages all his delivery tasks from his delivery app. He can maintain his profile. The assigned task includes order id, customer details, time and destination spot.

  • Order status & history

    Complete order history can be maintained in the app. The status of the each order can be updated in real time, which helps the customer to receive an instant update.

  • E-signature proof of delivery

    As a proof of delivery, an e-signature is received from the customer through driver's mobile app.

  • Other Settings

    Driver's app has many features like he can set his available status, based on his available status admin can assign jobs to the driver.

Customer app features

The customer can track the drivers anytime, anywhere from their own place through the mobile app.

  • Complete update from start to finish

    Customers get the complete update right from the start to the end of delivery. Every stage of the delivery is notified to the customer through the app.

  • Track instantly

    No more guesses now you can track instantly at which location your drivers are at. All these satisfy your customers.

  • In-app Chat *

    The customer and the driver can communicate with each other through in-app chat. Without sharing the customer phone number through our delivery app chat can be enabled.

  • Customer reviews

    The customer can provide instant ratings and reviews based on the delivery service after the delivery.

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